UPDATES: The sacco has introduced to its members 'WAUMINI CASH' which is a mobile loan product available to all Msacco registered members.
1. Forms

  Change of Information Form                                                               Download pdf

  Membership Application Form                                                            Download Pdf

  Spouse Membership Application Form                                               Download Pdf

  Alternative Guarantors Form                                                               Download Pdf

  Next of kin Normination form                                                             Download Pdf

  M-Sacco Form                                                                                      Download Pdf

Waumini Housing Application Form                                                     Download pdf


2. Schedules and Notices

   Housing SGM Notice 2017                                                                                     Download Pdf

  Mjengo Loan Schedule                                                                         Download Pdf                                                                                          

  ADM Notice 2016                                                                                Download Pdf 



3. Circulars & Audited Accounts   

First Quarter Circular 2017 

 Forth Quarter Circular 2016                                                         

Audited Accounts 2016                                                                           

4. Medical Cover

Downloan Flier 

Download medical cover application form

Download hospital list

 5. Loan Forms

Mazao Loan Application Form

Waumini Housing Pre-qualification for 2017/18

Circulars & Memorandums

1.)Process your salary through Fosa for only Ksh 112.00 and also benefit from Fosa salary advances. Received salary payments for June 2017 have already been posted in Fosa accounts

3.) Are you stuck and need soft cash immediately? apply for WAUMINI CASH by dialing *276*22# or download the app from the link received</>


4.) Are you tied up in banks or microfinance loans? take a BANK LOAN BRIDGE and redeem yourself from bank loans whose interest rise unexpectedly</>


5.) Apply for MJENGO LOAN today and relieve yourself from paying rent and use the finances to repay motgage

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