Waumini cash is a mobile loan facility borrowed and repaid through mobile phone.

Loan Features

1.Different credit limit for each member,
2.Maximum limit of ksh. 5,000 and minimum of ksh. 200.
3.Loan repayment period of 1 month.
4.Interest rate of 7% upfront.

Members do access the loan facility through the downloaded link or Ussd (*276*22#). The following options are available when you access the system;
1.Cash Withdrawal
2.My balances
3.Mobile loan
4.Credit Limit
5.Change of pin
6.Loan repayment.

Members are advised to check their credit limit before borrowing the Wumini cash loan.
To borrow Waumini cash loan go to option 3: Mobile loan , loan type put 10, installment type 1.
You will receive a text loan successful. The loan will automatically be sent to your Mpesa account less interest.
In case the loan process is successful and money was not sent to Mpesa account, member can access the loan through option 1: Cash withdrawal.
Waumini cash loan repayment
For Waumini cash loan repayment, use the paybill option on your  MPESA account to repay. Loan payable is the exact loan amount borrowed, the pay bill number is 754292, account number put 22*10.
You will receive a text from Waumini Cash about the payment.


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