How to join Waumini Sacco

Membership is open to all Catholic faithful’s, Catholic sponsored institution employees and employers in Kenya.

  • For Catholic Institution Employees, the willing persons are only required to have an introductory letter from their employer stating where they are working and the willingness of the employer to offer check off facility to the employee.
  • For Catholic faithful's/parishoner's, all is required is the Parish priest confirming that indeed one is a member of the Parish
Entrance Fees and Monthly Contribution
  • Each applicant will pay a once off nonrefundable entrance fee of Kshs. 500/=
  • The Share Capital is Kshs 15,000. Which can be paid once off or in 30 installments of 500/= per month.
  • Minimum Deposit contribution is Kshs. 300/=
  • In addition to the above, members will be required to pay a monthly fee of Kshs. 50 towards the risk (insurance) fund  

In the event that deposits contributions are received before the entrance fee and share capital, the same will be deducted from the deposits so received.

Once consented, the employer will remit payroll deductions to the Sacco by way of cheque, FOSA, banking, Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT), Money order and attach a schedule detailing deductions in respect of every member. These deductions should be remitted to the Sacco by latest the 15th day of the following month.

Where the employer declines to effect contributions to the Sacco by way of payroll check off, employees of the organization will be considered as Mzalendo and shall be treated as such with regard to their membership

Mzalendo member shall remit his/her contributions individually to the Sacco.


All monies paid to the Sacco in the form of either crossed cheque, or direct bank transfer payable to “Waumini Sacco Society Limited” or direct cash banking or mbanking; shall be receipted at the FOSA.

NOTE: For direct banking, remember to send the original copy of banking slip to the office within 48 hours to facilitate receipting. Cash deposits will also be accepted at the FOSA banking hall and any other Sacco branch. 


All payments by the Sacco shall be by way of crossed cheque “A/c payee not negotiable” or bank transfers. For bank transfers, please specify the Bank details: Bank, Branch and Account Number.

Members without bank accounts can open a FOSA account and be paid through the same.


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